18 Feb 2010

White heat

Foto: Linda
Massproductions stand på Stofair fulgte opp deres kompromissløse stil. Her er gode og gjennomtenkte møbler, der form og funksjon følger hverandre. Min nye favoritt.

Massproductions stand at Stofair delivers true form and function. My new favorite.

2 kommentarer:

Simon Boussard said...

First of all, this is the best title reference ever.
Second of all, Massproductions' stand is I think, one of the really few producer's stands that made me believe in design industry on this week. Products, histories and scenography are the most poetic and beautiful I saw on all the all Stofair. Love it !

Linda said...

Thanks, I know my pop history and were both happy with massproduction ;)